Who We Are

Like all great works of art, Blackbird’s has found its place in Astoria by virtue of inspiration and sweet circumstance. As is the case with all dreams, if you take one step towards them, you can count on them taking seven steps towards you. From the name, to the design, to the menu, the employees and beyond, Blackbird’s is comprised of three parts inspiration, two parts action, one part collective joy, and wholly upon the realization of a dream to create a public home for the good people of Astoria; all of which are sustained and nourished by you, our guests. As a chair is a chair only when you’re in it, a house is a home when the joy of family is there, a Bar finds its meaning in the individuals and friends who gather there to give it character, life and community.

As we at Blackbird’s found ourselves getting closer to opening our doors to the community, we looked around us at this fantastic space nestled within the historic city of Astoria, Queens, and it just felt good. How rewarding it is that after such an unpredictable journey, we can now give Blackbird’s the opportunity to enjoy the life it was made for. This is where our welcome sign, our unique and seasoned service, our high standards in quality beers and wine, and of course, our superb menu, all come into play!

Like all great chefs, ours is impassioned with the culinary arts. As is fitting, Blackbird’s choice of cosmopolitan dining is solely in the hands of our chef’s imagination and his own hands-on approach to food. Rest assured, there is not a recipe on the menu that has not first crossed the palate of our chef…feel free to give him a shout of thanks for such a supple hand in the kitchen!

In turn, and with no small degree of humor, every beer and wine on the menu has passed a tasting test on the part of the staff (it turned out to be a few fun and glorious days!). Coming from a deep background in tending bar, you can rest assured that our staff is attentive, professional, and well versed in the vocabulary of fine draughts. If you can imagine the old days of the ’public house’, complete with dynamic characters, old wooden furniture, uplifting music in the air and inspirational company adrift in comic, important and impassioned conversation, you can imagine the possibilities now before you.

So “Cheers!” and “Salute!” Be well and enjoy! You are always welcome to join in the moment here. Bring your unique character as well as your appetite to our idea of a great place to be!